Everyone likes to keep a secret, but our secret is  to good to keep it quiet. 

We are Winnipeg's place to shop for Trailer Parts. With over 25 years of  building up relationships with various suppliers we have been able to provide quality products at a good price. Once in our store you will be amazed with the variety of products that we offer. We have over 20 different Suppliers that we purchase our products from. We are Manitoba, Canadian owned, which allows us to purchase products that we believe are trustworthy for you our customer.  At Metro Centre  from  our sales counter to  our service department  we are dedicated to helping you to get the right part for your trailer. 

       Standard Stock Retail Price List

                                                              Axle Prices                                           Suspension Prices  
Brakes                                      Bearings                             Tires                                    Fenders                                    Rims                                      Hanger Kit        
ForYour Convenience we have provided 
PDF Measuring Guides & Axle Order Sheets for you to print out.
Please either email or fax your request
If you require more info about placing a request for an axle to be made.
give us a call and we will be more that happy to assist you
                     How To Measure Axles
                                                                     Torsion Axle Order Sheet
                    Spring Axle Order Sheet


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