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Metro Centre in Winnipeg Manitoba - Shore Master aluminum docks and welded-frame boat lifts. For Over 40 years, Shore Master boat docks and boat lifts have been trusted by commercial marinas and private cottage owners everywhere to protect nearly every type of watercraft. 

Shore Master Vertical Boat and Pontoon Lifts 

The most versatile boat lifts we offer here at Metro Centre. Flexible use for shallow water and deeper water with options for different lake bottom conditions. Ask us about a vertical boat lift designed specifically to lift a pontoon boat. 

Shore Master Cantilever Boat Lifts 

These boat lifts work well in medium water depths. Consider the vertical boat lift, above, in extremely shallow water. Cantilever boat lifts offer you simplicity in their design - using just one stainless steel cable and three brass pulleys. So they are extremely simple to maintain.  Cantilever boat lifts are a great choice for any boat, pontoon or PWC in locations where your water depth is non fluctuating and and shallow to moderately deep.

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Shore Master Hydraulic Boat Lifts 

A great choice for push button operation and quick, quiet access to the water. Shore Master hydraulic boat lifts and pontoon lifts are available for power at the shore, or remote off the grid locations. These top rated hydraulic boat lifts have an excellent service record.

Shore Master Floating Boat Lifts 

After years of punishing waves and continuous use, your Shore Master Floating Boat Lift will operate just as it should, like the first day it was installed. Shore Master manufactures every lift to exacting standards, so you can rest assured knowing that your boat will be protected day in and day out.Shore Master's line of floating boat lifts are created to withstand the toughest marine environments.     
How To Select A Boat Lift 

#1 Know what the weight of boat, motor, and fuel.(Depending on the weight of your boat will determine which lift  capacity that your require to match your vessel. You may also want to consider future boat purchases as well.) 

#2 Know what the length of the boat.(Depending on the length of your boat, you will want to ensure that the beam and weight of the lift match your vessel. You may also want to consider future boat purchases and how the lift you're selecting will be able to adapt to varying lengths and widths) 

#3 Are you wanting manual or electric (most traditional boat lifts require a power source or a lot of manual effort to work properly. The manual lifts are operated with a spinner wheel and the owner will have to operate it. Lifts with electric winches may be more convenient, but they do require access to a power source, which results in additional care and maintenance). 

#4 How much maintenance. (There is a lot of maintenance that goes into a boat lift. On a traditional boat lift, you will want to monitor the cables that raise and lower your boat when operating the lifts. If the lift touches the bottom of the lake, cables can "unwrap" and the lift will no longer be level. Cables also need to be protected with spray lubricant to reduce friction and adverse effects of weather, especially in saltwater. Lifts do have to be greased occasionally as well. You will also want to pay close attention to the winches and maintain them properly throughout the year) 

Call us, let us help you with your Boat or PWC Lift  or even with your dock plans with the right Lifts and docks you will be able to enjoy your time at the lake  fishing, swimming, skiing or just relaxing. And remember we can provide OAC financing as well.

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