Steel Galvanized Dock Frames

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     Perfect for Marina's , Cottage's, The Lake & Marshlands 
Durable to withstand years of use, and weather abuse.

The Dock That Will See Generations Come and Go

Metro Centre is proud to claim that all of the The Galvanized Steel Dock frames and components are manufactured at our location. 620 Nairn Avenue Winnipeg Manitoba. All Dock components are manufactured in a jig which allows the dock parts to be consistent with each pc. 

However some application may require custom dock parts. At our location there is a 4ft x 20ft dock on display to show the different components that are manufactured to create galvanized dock.

Once the welded parts are completed, they are sent out for galvanizing here in Winnipeg.Then when the parts come back they are inspected and filed for any burs. The galvanizing will prevent rust and holds its beauty for many years to come.

Metro has been manufacturing the galvanized steel dock line for over 35 years and with that experience we can help you with your dock design 


Custom Dock Parts & Dock Kits

Over the years we have redesigned the product to make it easier for installation and transportation of the product for our customers. The design of the steel dock plan is customized to provide our customers with either a stationary or floating dock design, depending on the layout of the lake bed and the amount of water fluctuation.Optional dock parts like solar lights and other water toys are also available.  

Metro uses a dock floats made in Winnipeg. This float is air filled and has a buoyancy of 450 lbs. Due to the variety of dock plans and individual requirements we welcome photos, and drawings to help to assist you with making your decision on which style of dock plan to go with. Included with the price list is diagram of where the dock components are to be placed. The diagram is based on size stated. Different dock plans will require more dock parts and accessories to complete project. 

If you require assistance to create the plan for your dock project, please give us and call          (204) 237-4300 and our Dock Sales staff will be able to assist you.