The Original Flip Up Hinge


Metro Centre is the  proud owner of The Original Universal Flip-Up for down pipe extensions. The Flip-Up Hinge was created by the Co-Founder of Metro Eavestroughing by John Sicotte who saw a need for providing the homeowner with a convenient way to lift up the down pipe with out removing it. Once the downspout hinge is installed, the downspout extension can easily be flipped up out of the way for landscaping your yard and then flipped back down once you're finished. The Flip Up Hinge has been in existence for over 40 years, and has been  manufactured and packaged in Winnipeg since it's creation. This product has acquired confidence from various contractors over the years, that to this day are still used for new installation or retrofits. Now that is history

The Flip-Up Hinge creates a great alternative to the flexible plastic downspout extensions that can be moved, but not fully out of the way without uninstalling. This Flip Up Hinge will allow continue to allow the water to flow even in an  upright position.When the downspout is in the down position it will divert the water away from your house foundation..

     Sold As Singles         or 12 to a Display Box   White & Brown Only      Dealers Welcomed

           Retail Price 

     $7.40 ea

Installation is a breeze. Insert square end of the Flip up Hinge  on the elbow that is attached to the down pipe on the wall, then attach the extension pipe over the rounded end of the Flip Up Hinge.. Secure with screws as instructed.  The Flip Up Hinge is comes with two Velcro buttons and screws to attached to the down pipe on the wall and the extension. These strong buttons will provide you with years of attachment for the down pipe.
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