Shoremaster Aluminum Docks


Create your perfect waters edge experience with the most user-friendly boat dock systems on the market. ShoreMaster aluminum boat dock kits provide exceptional stability with  floating and stationary options, plus features like 5-sided dock legs, QuickConnect™ and welded frames. ShoreMaster Boat Dock are the perfect custom solution for your waterfront. Multiple Configurations, Easy to Assemble, Incredibly stable, Light weight, Easy to roll in & out.  Versatile designs  Adapts to fluctuating water levels


Stationary DOCKS,  WHEEL-IN DOCKS,  FLOATING docks    

   Make you enjoy the maintenance free aspect of the Shore Master Docks              instead of working on the dock. 
Several Decking options are available to choose. From cedar to maintenance        free composite decking

Shown below is a TS9 Shore Master Truss Dock with optional roll out. 
All docks can have sections added to the side to create a Patio at the end of the
This is just a sample of the possibilities  that you can create with 
this Aluminum dock line up.
For more details on what you might need  for the lake or maybe 
just in your back yard, stop by and talk to us.
we know docks, we have been selling them for over 
30 years. we can help
   ALUMINUM                                                   CEDAR
   VERTEX                                            TITAN


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